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Govt to enforce 5-year rule for admissions

From the coming academic year, only those children who have completed five years as on May 31, will be admitted to Class 1. Even a shortfall of one day would prevent the child from entering standard 1, said primary and secondary education Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri.

He said that the law would be enforced strictly to avoid complications in higher education and in seeking jobs.

“A circular has already been issued to all government, aided, unaided and private schools in this regard. If this is adhered to strictly, then no student will appear for the SSLC before completing 15 years of age,” Kageri said.

The issue came under serious consideration after more than 17,000 students who passed out of the SSLC this year had not yet completed 15 years. “This problem will continue for about the next ten years. Hence, students who have already been admitted will be permitted to appear for the SSLC,” Kageri clarified. Read More>>


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Young parents put child’s education before retirement, health

With education becoming increasingly expensive, young parents are readjusting their lifestyles to ensure their child’s education. A whopping 97% of Bangalore’s young parents say they’re saving primarily for their children’s education.

This was a major finding of research on savings and investment practices by young parents in India by Indian Market Research Bureau (IMRB) for Aviva Life Insurance. While 32% parents across the country are avoiding shopping, only 6% of parents in Bangalore are avoiding unnecessary shopping.


Also, 77% in the city opined that cost of education will be sky-high in the future, 62% think they should start savings immediately, and half the population of young parents fears they won’t be able to afford higher education for their children.

The economic slowdown has again played a great role in savings. More young parents are planning for their children and taking up child plan insurance schemes and looking for flexible premiums so that when the market bounces back and their incomes soar, they can pay higher premia. Read More >>

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Dice is Caste

Dirty linen was pulled out at Bangalore University, where controversy is nothing new. But Tuesday’s developments were perhaps the ugliest, which involved the decision-makers of a university that has a student population of over seven lakh.

While vice-chancellor Dr N Prabhu Dev refused to allow the newly-appointed registrars — M G Krishnan and M S Talwar — to assume office on Monday, insisting on official communication from the CM’s office, the latter said they were armed with the government order (GO) from the higher education department.

That’s where all the confusion began. The professor of the department of rural development at BU told `The Times of India’ that students were upset that the V-C did not allow the registrars to join.

“The protest began around 10.30 am and continued for three-and-half hours. Students, teachers, non-teaching staff — all participated in the protest. There was no compulsion on anyone to participate. We wanted the vice-chancellor to respect the GO and appoint the registrars,” he said.

“We have given the university three days to solve the issue amicably, failing which the protest will continue indefinitely. It is the image of the university that is affected,” he said.


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Have you asked a question today?

Your Education is our World

Consider the questions that most adults ask children: What is your name? Which class are you studying in? What do you want to be when you grow up?

The answers are usually not important, because we ask these questions more to build a rapport with the child than to learn about her. What should one do if the answers are important? If our questions are stereotyped, can our answers be interesting? If children do not ask questions, can they find answers to the myriad things that demand answers?
As parents and teachers, we expect children to know the answers. Shouldn’t we then help them to ask the right questions?

“The skill of being able to ask the ‘right questions’ is far more important than giving the right answers,” says Kamala Mukunda, veteran teacher and author of the recently launched book What Did You Ask at School Today?  The book was launched at Reliance Timeout by Dr Shekar Sheshadri, Professor, at the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department, NIMHANS.

How the book was born

What Did You Ask at School Today? is a thought-provoking book on child learning published by Harper Collins Publishers India. After completing her Ph.D. in educational psychology from Syracuse University, Kamala Mukunda taught undergraduates for four years before returning to India. Ever since, she has been teaching at Centre For Learning, a non-formal school in the outskirts of Bangalore. As she pored over research papers on child psychology, and the psychology of learning, she started summarising each research document in short articles, sans the jargon. The book has its genesis in these well-written and well-received articles.


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Tips on How to Select the Best Business School for You

Your Education is Our World

Each year lakhs of you students decide to do your MBA or a Course in Management. Some of you are happy with the course, as it fulfills your expectations, while some of you are sorely disappointed. Why? Probably because you did not think carefully about why you were doing the management course for, or they joined the B School because your friends were heading there.

Today, Management Course takes up a lot of valuable time and finance, it is therefore important to plan for your course carefully.

If you are one of those who are planning on a doing an MBA or on joining a Business School , view these fantastic Power Point Presentations on Choosing the Right Business School for You, so that you make the right choice.

Scribd- Choosing the Right Business School for You

SlideShare – Choosing the Right Business School for You

If you like the Presentations, don’t forget to drop in a comment or contact us with queries.

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Get an MBA from IZee Business School

Get an MBA from IZee Business School

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Get an MBA from Lorven International

Lorven International Institute of Management Studies

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