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One Day Seminar on Mind Power Wealth Mastery

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Writing a Good Career Objective in Your CV

Your Education is Our World

This is a series on how to write a Curriculum Vitae or a CV.

If you Google on the internet, you will find thousands of templates on how to write a good CV. Formats, styles, career objectives, the works, and yet, I recently had the opportunity to look at a sizable number of CVs and noticed, more than a few mistakes in each.

The CV is the first document an HR Personnel will get from you. It is thus a ‘textual representative’ of you. In a scenario where there are thousands of people competing for the same job and position, how you write your CV could make all the difference between getting on to the ‘shortlist’ or simply being left out.

Writing a CV is supposed to be easy enough to be taught in grade 10 of most educational boards, but at that young age most of us are either too immature to remember what  had been taught about CV writing or do not accurately comprehend the importance of a CV. So, when we grow much older and are getting ready to step into the job market, writing a CV sends shivers down the spine of most young people.

When it is time for most people to write their CV what do they do? Ask an intelligent friend or colleague who is well placed to send them their CV. Why, you ask? Well, so that they can copy the template (and sometimes career objectives!). The assumption here is that since the friend or colleague is well placed, they have a ‘well designed’ and ‘well written’ CV. But this assumption need not always be true, as I have noticed on innumerable occasions.

I recently interviewed a girl who gave me a one page CV. I was surprised to find that the continuation had been printed on the back of the page instead of on a separate page. So I queried if the girl, who had done her MA in English, had not been taught how to write a CV in any of her classes. Imagine my shock when she told me that she had actually prepared her CV as part of an ‘Advanced English and Business Writing” Course she had paid Rs 3,500 to do. So quite a few of you young people may pay good money and still not have a good CV that speaks well of you.

For those who are thinking of writing a CV and can already feel the butterflies in their stomach, relax. Undoubtedly a CV represents you but it is also not such a complex thing that it cannot be done with a little effort and thought.

Infact, if you are willing to invest some time, ‘thinking’ of what should go into your CV, it would be a rather simple process.

The first thing to remember if you are not sure of your English, and this is a major problem in India, is to keep your CV simple. Keep it simple so that you yourself can understand it.

The first place that I have observed most people stumbling on is their ‘Career Objectives’

Here are a few examples I came across, that you should not repeat.

“Seeking a challenging and growth oriented position where my interpersonal skills can be best utilized. With good command over English and nuts for writing makes me achieve my goal. Looking for vacancy as a fresher, in business process outsourcing, human resource development and as an article writer for a leading newspaper.”

“Seeking a challenging carrier by giving all my skills to my profession and awaiting for a initiative role.”

“ To develop my career as HR Professional that leads to further growth in my professional skills and personal satisfaction by utilizing my skills and ability to work for the growth of an organization.”

“To be a part of the challenging team which strives for the better growth of the
organization and which explores my potential and provides me with the opportunity
to enhance my talent with an intention to be an asset to the company.”

“To associate with an organization which progresses dynamically and gives me a chance to update my knowledge and enhance my skills, in the state of art technologies and be a part of the team that excels in work to words, the growth of organization and my satisfaction thereof.”

Points to keep in mind when writing the Career Objectives in your CV

  • Keep the English simple
  • Keep the sentences short, precise and concise. Cut the verbiage.
  • The tone of your Career Objective should be formal.
  • The Grammar should be correct.
  • Check your spelling more than a few times.
  • Do not copy and paste other peoples Career Objectives
  • It is best to keep your Career Objectives 3-4 lines.
  • Make sure your Career Objectives match the job you are applying for.  A line like this “Looking for vacancy as a fresher, in business process outsourcing, human resource development and as an article writer for a leading newspaper” is a big NO NO!

Once you think you are done, read your Career Objectives 20 times over to ensure that it conveys what you want to say.

If you are unsure of your English, please get a lecturer from your college, or any other person who is good in English to read and correct it.

Simple and Good Career Objectives

“To secure a promising position that offers both a challenge and a good opportunity for growth”.

“To work in association with professional groups who offer me the opportunity for career advancement and professional growth.”

“To work in a stimulating environment where I can apply & enhance my knowledge, skill to serve the firm to the best of my efforts.”

The above Career Objectives may sound generic and broad, but when you are fresher, they will do.

The internet is a huge resource at your finger tips. Coming up with a shoddy Career Objective means you have been lazy and failed to actively use the internet to check on what you have written. It could be the reason why you are currently seeing months of joblessness.

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Technical Writing as a Career Option

Your Education is Our World

Technical Writing also known as Technical Communication is all about communicating an idea to readers in an easily understandable way. A technical writer’s job is to gather information about a product from various sources, comprehend the technology, and put it in simple and easy-to-understand language.

According to a Nasscom-McKinsey report of 1999, India needs to have at least 2.2 million knowledge workers in IT software and services related areas by 2008. Technical Writers are a part of these knowledge professionals and companies have started realizing the importance of hiring professional Technical Writers.

Technical Writing not only applies to the field of Information Technology, but also extends to other fields like Pharmaceuticals, Aeronautics, Automobile, Mechanical, Chemical, and others.

What do Technical Writers do?

Technical writer create documents such as:

  • User Manuals § Installation Guides
  • Troubleshooting Guides § Online Help
  • Instruction Booklets
  • Quick Reference Guides
  • Process documents
  • Online help files
  • Reports and Brochures
  • Business proposals
  • Memorandum and Minutes
  • Feature modules
  • Release notes
  • Context-sensitive help for CSRs
  • Reports § Policy Manuals
  • Process Documentation
  • White Papers and Case Studies

What should be the educational qualification of a technical writer?

There is no formal education in the field of technical writing. A person with a degree preferably post graduation or a diploma holder preferably in Journalism and mass communication, English literature, science or IT with good written communication skills can become a technical writer.

Good technical writers can also be

  • Graduates or Engineer
  • Medical Transcriptionists
  • Call Center Executives
  • Software Engineers
  • No age limit in this criteria
  • Lecturers, Teachers, Professors
  • Research Scholars

Who can be a successful Technical Writer?

Anyone with a

  • Good Communication skills
  • Flair for writing (Simple but good English)
  • An inclination to learn new technologies
  • Working knowledge of computers

Technical Writer is the most commonly used job title for this occupation. Other titles used include Communications Specialist, Policy and Procedure Writer, Proposal Writer, Publications Specialist, Documentation Specialist, Information Developer, Technical Editor, Web Editor, and Information Designer.

Pay Package

A junior technical writer today can start with an average salary of about Rs 10,000-14,000 per month and earn up to Rs 35,000 in 2-3 years.

Where can this job lead?

Technical Writers can advance to Information Designer, Senior Technical Writer, or Project Manager positions. In larger organizations, Technical Writers can advance to Information Designer, Senior Technical Writer, or Project Manager Positions and even System Architect. Promotion often takes the form of increased responsibility and pay rises.

With so much in offering, the future surely looks bright for the technical writers. Now the time is ripe to take positive steps, in order to work towards give due status to this unrecognized sector.

Some Institutes offering courses in Technical Writing


The Writers Block

# 421, B Wing 4th floor, Carlton tower, Airport Road,

Bangalore -560008



System Domain

174/40, 402, 4th Floor, Lucky Paradise, 22nd Cross,

8th ‘F’ Main Road, 3rd Block, Jayanagar,

Bangalore – 560 011

Phone: 91 80 41210358 / 91 80 26538482

Email: sdjn@systemdomain.net



Triumph India Software Services Pvt. Ltd.
#22, D Rajgopal Road, Sanjay Nagar,
Bangalore – 560094
Phone: 080- 40239261/ 23519720

Email: training@triumphinida.com

Website: http://www.triumphindia.com


Documentation Research and Training Center (DRTC) Bangalore
Indian Statistical Institute
8th Mile Mysore Road, RVCE Post, Bangalore 560 059


IISc Proficience Continuing Education Program, Bangalore
Indian Institute of Science,
Bangalore 560 012
Tel: 91-80-3600411



No. 1657, First Floor, 10th Main, JB Nagar,

HAL 3rd Stage, Bangalore – 75

Phone: 080-25288086 / 9845316974



Integrated Quality Training Institute
M-17, Sector X, HAL 3rd Stage,
6th Main, Jeevan Bhima Nagar, Bangalore -560075
Phone: 25285476/ 9844172104/ 9845025795
Email: info@iqtiedu.com


Surabhi Technologies,
124 80 ft road, SBM colony BSK 1st Stage,

Opp. New Sagar Fast food, Bangalore-560050.

Phone: 9448782775

Email: surabhi.technologies@gmail.com


Athiya Organizational Competencies (P) Limited

Casa Capitol, 17, Wood Street, Ashok Nagar,

1st floor, Bangalore, 560 025


Trinity Infosolutions,

No.2A, Robby Arcade (Second Floor),

Above Cofee day, No.537,CMH Road, Bangalore



Trinity Info Solutions

No.7, Vijaya Bank Colony, (above Anand laboratory),

100 Feet Ring Road, BTM II stage, Bangalore 560038

Phone: 9611107622




# 160/1,36th cross,9th Main,
Jayanagar 5th Block, Bangalore-560041
Phone: 80 4166 4222/099



Four-C Content Experts

8/37, I Cross, Banashakari III Stage, Bangalore-560 085

Phone: 080 – 2678 435 /  98800 04727

Email: prabhat@contentxperts.in



Technowrites Pvt. Ltd.
24, Chitradurga, Kshipra Society,
Karvenagar, Pune – 411052
Phone: +91 20 6500 6830/31


Guardian Training Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
# 8, IInd & IVth Floor,
Wonder City Commercial, Katraj, Pune – 411046,

Phone: + 91 98811 02589

Email: g.garg@guardian-india.com



S.A.International Limited,
27, 7th Avenue, Ashok Nagar,

Chennai-600 083.



Trivergence Infonetics Pvt. Ltd.
10/3, Second Floor, Ragaviah Road,
Opp. Ragavendra Mutt, T. Nagar, Chennai – 600 017.
Phone: 044 42125152

E-Mail – gms@kbufferonline.com




Super Graphics
4C, Saravana Apartments,
No.16, Saint Mary’s Road, Mandaveli, Chennai – 600 028
Phone: 044 42106667

E-Mail – gms@kbufferonline.com



K3 Infotech

20, Saraswati, Triveni CHS,
Rajaji Road, Ramnagar, Dombivli (East) Mumbai -421201.


Email: tw-k3i@k3infotech.com



Confai Solutions Pvt Ltd

145, Street-3, Avenue-4, Rd 10, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500034

Phone: 91-040-65161889, 09849016026, 09347053544

Email: info@confai.com


University of Calicut,

Calicut University P.O., Kerala, 673 635.

Phone: +91 494 2401144 – 48, 50-52, 2401665 – 72




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Free education for children aged 6-14


The Union Cabinet today approved providing free and compulsory education to children aged 6-14 by giving its nod to the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Bill 2005.

To read more click here

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Slew of initiatives in education


Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal Thursday unveiled a slew of legislative, policy and administrative initiatives for the education sector during the first 100 days of the government. Some of the major moves are as follows:

* To enact the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education bill.

* Evolve consensus to set up an All India Madrassa Board.

* An autonomous overarching regulatory and assessment authority for higher education. It would subsume the University Grants Commission, the All India Council of Technical Education and the Medical Council of India.

To read more click here

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“So what do you want to become when you grow up”


If you are in your teens, you must have heard this question a hundred times. Parents and grandparents, uncles and aunties, cousins, relatives and friends, all wanting to know what you want to be a few years from now.

I’m not too sure whether people ask this question to amuse themselves or out of a genuine interest, though I’m inclined to believe the former. And it’s unbelievable the pressure I felt, as would most young people heading towards a career choice, each time this question was popped at me.

Not only was I confused about the career choice I should make, but also had to worry about whether it was the seemingly “right choice”. Everybody around was trying to be a doctor, engineer, lawyer, teacher, as if there were no other career choices available and I, like quite a few of you, did not want to be any of them!

Strange, that there are billions employed in millions of little and well known professions, and yet when it comes to making a career choice just about a dozen professions come to mind.

Interestingly, few people end up in professions that have been their childhood dream. Most of us, discover our calling completely by chance! and to think I spent all those months agonizing about which direction I should be heading.

So if you are driving yourself up the wall, trying to find out what is the best career for you, don’t worry, even a vague idea will do, cause it kind of comes along. Don’t let those around pressurize you into making a career choice. Most people I have seen, invariably come around to their hearts choice sooner or later, thought I’d say, its better sooner than later.

There is nothing called a good or bad career choice if your heart is in it, it has to be right, and that brings us to the most important aspect of answering the million dollar question, “what do you want to become when you grow up”

Whether you’d like to believe this or not, the answer to this question lies in your heart, in your interests, in your passions, in your exposure and your childhood formation.

If you want to answer this question being honest to yourself, sit down with a pen and paper, put down what it is that you love doing. If you are used to listening to yourself these are questions you should be able to answer, if not it’s about time you started listening to yourself.

No interest and passion is too far fetched to turn into a career. If you are passionate about movies, you don’t always have to become an actor, or director, you can become a film critique. If you love food, you don’t always have to become a cook, you can be a dietician. If you love planes you don’t always have to fly them, cause you can design them, and the list can go on. The idea is to first listen to yourself, then go beyond the obvious few choices. Research, read and learn about the career you would like to pursue and yes, don’t let those around, pressurize you into living their dreams. This is absolutely your choice 🙂

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Interesting Info on the Dept of Higher Education website


The Dept of Higher Education website of the Government of India could definitely do with an overhaul in terms of education site of design and placement, but if you are searching for information on the Government of India policies, scholarships, schemes etc for Higher Education this is a rather comprehensive site.

To visit the site click here

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