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I used to often get punished in school: Aamir

He might be a superstar today, but Bollywood actor Aamir Khan has no qualms in admitting that he has undergone various punishments during his education days – from getting caned to kneeling down for the whole day.

“When in school, kneeling down in front of the principal’s office was a regular feature. I have also been caned a couple of times. It is strange that when you get caned, you don’t realise the pain instantly, but after two seconds it shoots so badly… It’s awful,” Aamir told reporters here.

“I used to be more interested in sports and hence used to always forget doing my homework. Also, poor marks used to create problems for me. I used to get scolded very often,” he added.

The 44-year-old actor also revealed that he only studied till Class 12 and never had a very good college life.

“My education has only been till 12th standard because after that I got into films. Even while in college for my 11th and 12th, I used to hardly attend classes because I was always busy with dramatics.  Read More>>


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Stop child abuse in schools

With two out of every three children, a majority studying in schools, reported being physically abused in India, a child rights organization Friday called for immediate implementation of the proposed safer schools guideline in the country.

On the occasion of International Children’s Day Friday, NGO Plan India held consultation with school authorities, government bodies and other organization to promote safer schools guidelines.

‘We are very keen to put a strategy and mechanism in place where children can attend school and expect a quality learning experience without fear or threats of violence,’ said Amod Kanth, chairperson, Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR).

Affirming his support to implementation of the guidelines on safer school, Kanth said: ‘It is imperative that we accelerate the implementation of these guidelines to ensure that we can provide children with a safe and positive environment in schools.’

The Directorate of Education has recently issued guidelines for reporting mechanisms of child abuse and corporal punishments in schools. Read More>>

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Calcutta HC against corporal punishment


A division bench passed a series of orders last month while hearing a public interest litigation alleging that the West Bengal government had failed to enforce the ban against violence on children in schools.

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