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Placements in Professional Colleges

Hordes of students across the country plan on professional courses like MBAs, specialized diplomas and all types of engineering degrees. Till not so long back the competition for many of these courses was stiff and based on merit. The last few years however have seen a huge burgeoning of private educational institutions offering all kinds of professional course for a hefty fee. The market is suddenly flooded with seats and students no longer have to fall over each other for the IIMs and large regional colleges. If their parents can afford it or they are willing to take a student loan, most students can easily afford the fees to a private B School.

Unfortunately from what we see, few really should be at these courses and are there only to pad up their CVs and get the educational institution to give them a job. This is the prime reason why students choose a professional institution solely on the bases of whether they will get placement.

Placement is of course important. We all burn the midnight lamp and spend years of sacrifice so that we prosper professionally and economically, but to do a course solely for economic benefit, not apply oneself during the course and ask the educational institution to guarantee a job is down right arrogance on the part of most students.  If one applies oneself on the course in preparation of the competition ahead, there is no reason why most students can’t secure a job on their own merit.

The task of any educational institution is to teach and prepare their students for the task ahead, beyond that it is up to a student, from where then has this situation arisen, where in students want a job assurance for joining the course. Most educational institutions too feel hard pressed to advertise placements as it is this factor that fills their batch.

Part of the answer lies in that there are more professional seats available than needed. Sometimes the educational institution may not be prepared to fulfill its part of the ‘academic’ bargain as it is ill equipped on various aspects, including laboratories and poor teaching staff.

Poor quality infrastructure in an educational institution, admitting poor quality students and then attempting to place these poorly trained students can turn in to a vicious cycle for both students and institution.

During this time of recession many of you will be planning on studying further, if you are, stop for a while and question your true motivation for doing a course. Will the course help you get a better position in a company, will you succeed on your own steam. Marketing divisions of most educational institutions are like any other marketing divisions; they promise you the moon until your join the course and later show you the fine print.

If you are planning to do a course while working or by taking a year or two off, ensure you are spending your valuable time with a reputed educational institution. Those students who have it in them even get there through self study and experience, but that’s an article for another day.

Write in and tell us what your opinion is on this topic and we will be glad to publish them. But if you are seriously considering going back to books and looking for the right educational institution you might want to contact us at EduWorld Info.

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We desperately need skill-based education

Your Education is Our World

“We desperately need skill-based education to prepare our country for the future. Management education is a responsibility in this direction,” stated Kiran Mazumdar Shaw.

The Biocon CMD on Monday inaugurated an MBA programme of the Amruta Institute of Engineering and Management Sciences (AIeMS). The two-year MBA programme, which costs Rs 1 lakh, is aimed at making students industry ready.

According to Shaw, future entrepreneurs and leaders need to create jobs and not become job seekers. “For that, one needs to innovate by seeking new knowledge, upgrading skills and not accepting conventional methods,” she said.
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Tips on How to Select the Best Business School for You

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Each year lakhs of you students decide to do your MBA or a Course in Management. Some of you are happy with the course, as it fulfills your expectations, while some of you are sorely disappointed. Why? Probably because you did not think carefully about why you were doing the management course for, or they joined the B School because your friends were heading there.

Today, Management Course takes up a lot of valuable time and finance, it is therefore important to plan for your course carefully.

If you are one of those who are planning on a doing an MBA or on joining a Business School , view these fantastic Power Point Presentations on Choosing the Right Business School for You, so that you make the right choice.

Scribd- Choosing the Right Business School for You

SlideShare – Choosing the Right Business School for You

If you like the Presentations, don’t forget to drop in a comment or contact us with queries.

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Independent regulation needed in Higher Education

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The growth of Higher Education is India has been phenomenal but perhaps not enough. Thus, it can be said that India’s Higher Education Sector is in dire need for mid-course correction. The issues associated with quality control, accreditation and funding need to be looked afresh.

In India both public and private institutions coexist. For example, of the 13072 higher education institutions in 2000-01, there were only 58% in the public domain and the remaining 42% were privately managed. Currently a rapid growth in private unaided colleges is being witnessed.

In so far as universities are concerned, only central or State Governments can open a university and that too by legislation. The UGC can however grant institutes of excellence, deemed university status. UGC has also developed National Accreditation & Assessment Council (NAAC) and AICTE has also established is own accreditation mechanism by setting up National Board of Accreditation (MBA).

For inclusive growth, open and Distance higher Education is an area of great debate and policy direction requirement. Despite its large pool of technical manpower institutions, India in it’s strive to achieve the desired results, seems to have missed the bus. The regulation mechanism is being worked out to establish and regulate new colleges and Universities at different levels.

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Get an MBA from Lorven International

Lorven International Institute of Management Studies

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Recession hasn’t forced B-schools into introspection mode

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Karmanye vadhikaraste ma phaleshu kadachana (Focus on the task at hand, don’t let your actions hinge on the outcome).

This quote from the Bhagavad Gita, a poem by Persian poet Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi and an Irish prayer are what 100 students at Welingkar Institute of Management in Mumbai pondered upon as part of a 10-hour discussion on wisdom.

The discussion was led by Pradeep Kaipa, faculty member at the Indian School of Business, or ISB, Hyderabad, as an attempt to develop an Indian model of leadership that can be taught and discussed as part of business school curriculum.

Though Kaipa’s research began much before recession hit the world economy, it has gained momentum after the meltdown. “(The recession taught us that) a single-dimensional view of leadership is wrong,” says Ajit Rangnekar, dean, ISB, which is supporting Kaipa’s research to map the DNA of an Indian leader.

Although the times have forced foreign business schools such as Harvard Business School to question the relevance of an MBA, such introspection hasn’t been widespread in Indian schools. “Actually not, I don’t think we had an internal soul-searching,” says Sourav Mukherji, who teaches at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, or IIM-B, and till recently also supervised campus placements.

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