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UP to implement Right to Education Act

Uttar Pradesh will become the first state in the country to implement the Right to Education Act 2009 that calls for free and compulsory primary education to children in the age group of six to 14.

“Uttar Pradesh will be the first state in the country to implement the Act. It will ensure proper and adequate education to the children,” state Education Minister Dharm Singh Saini said in Lucknow. Secretary of the Basic Education department had been directed to initiate process to implement the Act, he added.

The state will require over Rs 14,500 crore to implement the Act. The government will focus on teachers, financial resources, additional classrooms in schools and DIET training in the first phase of its implementation, Saini said.

The department will make efforts to motivate children working in roadside eateries, railways stations and bus stands to enroll in schools. “To attract children, we plan to provide them with food, books and even clothes,” said an official.

Source: Indian Express


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Schools desperately need quality teachers

Your Education Is Our World

Access to education is no longer a problem in primary education sector. But then, despite having schools why is there lack of quality education. “It has more to do with poor accountability of teachers in these schools.” said Professor Geeta Kingdon of London University. She was speaking at the LMA Convention 2009 here on Friday.
Kingdon also quoted some findings which showed that whatever children learn in schools is very less. In a survey conducted in UP, the figures of which she quoted, at least 42% children who had passed grade-V could not do simple division sums in mathematics. “Besides, only 50% of the enrolled strength attends classes on any given day because classroom teaching does not captivate them”, she said. Read More>>

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Education in UP to become child-friendly

Your Education is Our World

Each day, more than one billion children in the world attend school. Whether they sit in buildings, tents or under trees, ideally they learn, develop and enrich their lives. A year from now, children in Uttar Pradesh will surely be better off when compared to their counterparts in India, at least on parameters of learning.

The reason: UP’s education department has taken a lead among all Indian states by adopting the principle of `child friendly schools (CFS)’ in letter and spirit. The concept note is ready and guidelines to train teachers (known as `Unnayan’) for the job is in final stages.

In fact, the CFS model is based on a simple concept. It assumes that schools should operate in the best interests of children. Educational environment must be safe, healthy and protective, endowed with trained teachers, adequate resources and appropriate physical, emotional and social conditions for learning.

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