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Have you asked a question today?

Your Education is our World

Consider the questions that most adults ask children: What is your name? Which class are you studying in? What do you want to be when you grow up?

The answers are usually not important, because we ask these questions more to build a rapport with the child than to learn about her. What should one do if the answers are important? If our questions are stereotyped, can our answers be interesting? If children do not ask questions, can they find answers to the myriad things that demand answers?
As parents and teachers, we expect children to know the answers. Shouldn’t we then help them to ask the right questions?

“The skill of being able to ask the ‘right questions’ is far more important than giving the right answers,” says Kamala Mukunda, veteran teacher and author of the recently launched book What Did You Ask at School Today?  The book was launched at Reliance Timeout by Dr Shekar Sheshadri, Professor, at the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department, NIMHANS.

How the book was born

What Did You Ask at School Today? is a thought-provoking book on child learning published by Harper Collins Publishers India. After completing her Ph.D. in educational psychology from Syracuse University, Kamala Mukunda taught undergraduates for four years before returning to India. Ever since, she has been teaching at Centre For Learning, a non-formal school in the outskirts of Bangalore. As she pored over research papers on child psychology, and the psychology of learning, she started summarising each research document in short articles, sans the jargon. The book has its genesis in these well-written and well-received articles.



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Exploring global attitudes towards sex education

Your Education is Our World

When is a child old enough to learn about sex? Twelve? Eight? Five? And what exactly should a child be taught?

These questions are at the heart of a growing controversy over a proposal by Unesco, the UN agency for science, culture and education.

It believes sex education, of some kind, is needed for children as young as five and that schools should not shy away from discussing topics such as masturbation and abortion.

They are just guidelines but they are causing a stir around the world.

Newshour hears from the UN official in charge of drawing up the guidelines, from parents, young people, and educators from different countries and cultures about the appropriate way to talk to children about sex (or to avoid talking about it, as the case may be).

First to Egypt. How does it handle the conflicting demands of religion, culture, and a modernising society when dealing with sex?

The BBC’s Yolande Knell reports from a café in Cairo.

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Saving for a child’s education? Opt for long-term products

Your Education is Our World

It is advisable to invest in a child insurance plan because this not only helps you build a required corpus over the policy term, but also covers you against uncertainties in life

The insurance business in India isn’t just growing, but also becoming more sophisticated in terms of product offerings. To help readers keep ahead of developments in this business, Mint features a Q&A on insurance every Monday.

I want to invest some money for my child’s education. What advantages does an insurance product offer over other financial instruments such as mutual funds?

You should look at long-term investment products when saving for your child’s education to build the required corpus.

It is advisable to invest in a child insurance plan because this not only helps you build a required corpus over the policy term, but also covers you against uncertainties in life.

Child plans come with additional features such as income benefit riders and waiver of premium options. These ensure that even if you are not around, the child’s future does not suffer and the policy continues till maturity.

What is a family income benefit rider?

A family income benefit rider is usually attached to a basic life insurance policy. If one opts for this rider, the life insurance company not only pays the death benefit in case of the unfortunate death of the policyholder, but also provides a regular monthly income to the family for the rider policy term.

For example, if there is a 10-year family income rider attached to the main policy, and the insured dies, a life insurance company will pay the family monthly income for the remaining rider term.

Readers are welcome to write in with their queries to askmint@livemint.com. The questions will be answered by senior executives from leading insurance firms.

This week’s expert is T.R. Ramachandran, managing director and CEO, Aviva India.

Source: Live Mint.com

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The right to cut-rate education

Your Education is Our World

The right is limited to some children for some kind of schooling with no guarantee of universal access or quality education for all.

How much does the government spend on average on the schooling of a child? One would assume this is a critical figure for calculating not just the input costs but also the outcome. Yet, it is this very figure that is most difficult to come by. Try the Ministry of Human Resources Development (HRD) or the state education departments. None of them is able to provide an answer with any degree of certainty. As a nation, we simply do not know how much we spend on education.

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