Govt to enforce 5-year rule for admissions

From the coming academic year, only those children who have completed five years as on May 31, will be admitted to Class 1. Even a shortfall of one day would prevent the child from entering standard 1, said primary and secondary education Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri.

He said that the law would be enforced strictly to avoid complications in higher education and in seeking jobs.

“A circular has already been issued to all government, aided, unaided and private schools in this regard. If this is adhered to strictly, then no student will appear for the SSLC before completing 15 years of age,” Kageri said.

The issue came under serious consideration after more than 17,000 students who passed out of the SSLC this year had not yet completed 15 years. “This problem will continue for about the next ten years. Hence, students who have already been admitted will be permitted to appear for the SSLC,” Kageri clarified. Read More>>


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