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Exploring global attitudes towards sex education

Your Education is Our World

When is a child old enough to learn about sex? Twelve? Eight? Five? And what exactly should a child be taught?

These questions are at the heart of a growing controversy over a proposal by Unesco, the UN agency for science, culture and education.

It believes sex education, of some kind, is needed for children as young as five and that schools should not shy away from discussing topics such as masturbation and abortion.

They are just guidelines but they are causing a stir around the world.

Newshour hears from the UN official in charge of drawing up the guidelines, from parents, young people, and educators from different countries and cultures about the appropriate way to talk to children about sex (or to avoid talking about it, as the case may be).

First to Egypt. How does it handle the conflicting demands of religion, culture, and a modernising society when dealing with sex?

The BBC’s Yolande Knell reports from a café in Cairo.

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World Conference on Higher Ed. closes with an appeal for investment

Your Education is Our World

The UNESCO World Conference on Higher Education closed on 8 July with a call to governments to increase investment in higher education, encourage diversity and strengthen regional cooperation to serve societal needs.

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