Dice is Caste

Dirty linen was pulled out at Bangalore University, where controversy is nothing new. But Tuesday’s developments were perhaps the ugliest, which involved the decision-makers of a university that has a student population of over seven lakh.

While vice-chancellor Dr N Prabhu Dev refused to allow the newly-appointed registrars — M G Krishnan and M S Talwar — to assume office on Monday, insisting on official communication from the CM’s office, the latter said they were armed with the government order (GO) from the higher education department.

That’s where all the confusion began. The professor of the department of rural development at BU told `The Times of India’ that students were upset that the V-C did not allow the registrars to join.

“The protest began around 10.30 am and continued for three-and-half hours. Students, teachers, non-teaching staff — all participated in the protest. There was no compulsion on anyone to participate. We wanted the vice-chancellor to respect the GO and appoint the registrars,” he said.

“We have given the university three days to solve the issue amicably, failing which the protest will continue indefinitely. It is the image of the university that is affected,” he said.


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