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India calling

HE Open Doors Survey 2009 reveals that while India remains the leading country, for the eighth consecutive year, to contribute the largest chunk of international students to the US there has also been a sharp increase in the number of American students going to study in other countries and India is among them. The survey is conducted annually by the International Institute of Education (IIE) with the US Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

Pointing out the reasons behind the heightened influx of US students to India, Allan Goodman, president and CEO, IIE, says, “India is the world’s largest democracy but probably one which is least understood by Americans. Five to 10 years ago 70,000 Indian students were studying in the US while a mere 700 American students studied in India. Today the number of American students in India has scaled up to 3,000. But this is far from enough. We need more American students and universities to go to India in order to have a better understanding of the country.” The recent survey, which is based on international students enrolment in approximately 3,000 US higher education institutions, shows that Indian students constitute 15.4% of the total international student population in the US. Read More >>


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India fuels record rise in US

Led by India, America’s universities and colleges have defied the economic meltdown by posting the biggest increase in the number of international students admitted since 1980.

India, which has led the student inflow to US campuses for the past eight years, has for the first time crossed the one lakh mark in a single academic year. It has sent 1,03,200 students of a total 6,71,616 foreign students admitted during 2008-09 academic year, said the Institute of International Education (IIE) in its annual report, released on Monday.

India accounts for as much as 15.4 per cent of the year’s flow of international students into the US. With China following closely (98,235 students), the two Asian giants together account for 30 per cent America’s newly-enrolled foreign students.

Neither the US’s recession with unemployment currently running at 10.2 per cent nor the escalating costs of American higher education appear to have applied the brakes on the “Chalo America” trend. Read More>>

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