A Brighter Tomorrow

Knowledge, education and employment; it is fascinating how these three are intertwined. Gaining knowledge has been a coveted aim in India. In ancient India, only a select few had the right to learn and learning was often in the form of memorising. Today, in ‘modern’ India, the emphasis is still on cramming information and not on applying knowledge. If India is to take its place as a global superpower we need to be a powerhouse of original ideas, skills and thought-provoking leadership. India should revamp its education system to engender the application of theory. It cannot be said that Indian path-breakers like Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Azim Premji and Lakshmi Mittal have excelled because of the education system. They excelled despite it. As a country with over a billion people, we should have lakhs of leading entrepreneurs, inventors and researchers, but we are held back by the lack of encouragement and uncertain reward for this kind of originality. Leadership and innovation, if not nurtured, will die a slow death. Read More>>


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