On Children’s Day: the reality

Your Education Is Our World

19% of the world’s children live in India. On Children’s Day, we look at the issues they face

All through childhood, I associated Children’s Day with something special. At school, we’d be given sweets and allowed a longer lunch break, and all our teachers seemed to make at least a marginal effort to give us less homework.

My passage out of childhood however, has been marked by an evolving recognition of the many strata that comprise the “children” celebrated on Children’s Day. While sweets may have been the order of the day for my friends and I, for many of the children in the country I call home, Children’s Day is yet another day to survive — rather than celebrate.

This Children’s Day is particularly significant because it marks the 20th anniversary of the UN Child Rights Convention. We talk to Angela Walker, spokesperson for Unicef India; Deepa Bajaj, chief executive of Child Survival India, and Thomas Chandy, CEO of Save the Children in India, to get their thoughts on Children’s Day. Read More>>


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