More Indians graduate in maths, science than in US, Japan

Your Education is our World

India’s infrastructure on education may have a long way to go to reach global standards, but when it comes to the sheer number of students graduating in maths and science, the country outperforms the US, Europe and Japan, says a new study.

India, in fact, ranks 17th based on this parameter, against 48 for the US, 33 for Japan and 38 for China, says the study by Ernst and Young, conducted jointly with the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Assocham).

Germany, according to the study, ranks first, followed by Singapore and France.

“The number of science and engineering graduates is an important consideration. There are 690,000 students of science and maths graduating every year — much higher than China, Japan, the US and Europe,” said D S Rawat, secretary general of Assocham.

“In China, the number of such graduates each year is 530,000, against 350,000 in Japan, 420,000 in the US and 470,000 in the EU,” added Rawat. Read More >>


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