What Have the IITs Done For India?

Your Education is our World

“Harvard No. 1, IITs not in top 100” screams the headlines in DNA.On further reading, I found that IIT Bombay (due apologies to Raj Thackeray :-P) is ranked at 163 and IIT Delhi is ranked at 181. And what’s more, the Dragon beats the Tiger here too, compared to India’s two universities in Top 200 universities worldwide, China has 6.

It got me thinking, the more I analysed as to the possible reasons why one of the world’s, if not the most, difficult university to get in (based on number of applicants:admitted students ratio) is not even in the Top 100 and the reason is that it has been beaten because of the amazing infrastructure and research that has happens in other Universities. Look at the top 10, Harvard, Cambridge, Yale and so on and you know that the research emphasis is phenomenal and this is where the IITs will continue to fail, if they continue to operate as they do now.

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