Foreign Univ Education in India to be cheaper

Your Education is Our World

White skin or Oriental eyes aren’t a common feature even in India’s top educational institutions, the IITs and IIMs. However, the mixed campus could well become a reality when the international universities come to India—particularly because these schools aren’t planning to price themselves out of the reach of locals.

As they have done in Singapore, most foreign varsities will bring down the price tag involved in getting a foreign degree, largely thanks to the lower cost of living and ancillary expenses in India. But, more interestingly, they will also have fees that match those charged by private institutes in India, HRD minister Kapil Sibal told this paper.

“A number of foreign universities, and I’m talking about quality institutions, have met me to express interest in establishing a campus in India,’’ he said. And students can get a far more cheaply priced degree from, say, Harvard University or Imperial College, if they sign up from the India campus? “Exactly,’’ concurred Sibal. “For years, thousands of our students have travelled abroad for higher education. Now, let’s build India into a hub of top-class higher education to which the world comes.’’

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