Panel endorses law to check malpractices in education

Your Education is Our World

Despite repeated request by Union HRD minister Kapil Sibal to state ministers to speak on reforms being proposed by the Centre, ministers on Monday mostly raised trivial bilateral issues. Only ministers from West Bengal, Orissa, Kerala and Meghalaya spoke on the reforms being proposed by the Centre.

Therefore, when Sibal read out issues on which there was consensus, the ministers said nothing. An objection by the West Bengal minister about accreditation of colleges has been noted in the CABE resolution. Educationist Vinod Raina’s intervention that a CABE committee be formed to look into the policy for IT in schools was included in the resolution.

CABE approved ministry’s proposal for an autonomous overarching authority for higher education and research. A task force constituted to follow up on the proposed National Commission for Higher Education and Research would consult states. The advisory panel also endorsed the need for a law to prevent, prohibit and punish malpractices in higher education.

The proposal for brain gain policy was also approved and so was the policy on educational tribunals.

CABE endorsed the proposal to establish a Central Madrassa Board but felt there should be a greater representation of academics, especially women, and should ensure that non-theological education would be overseen by the Board.

Source: Times of India


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