A teacher and an activist

Your Education is Our World

It was indeed a tricky situation that Ramu Mulgi had to encounter in 1999 when he was deputed as the lone teacher to the newly started government primary school on the premises of Agriculture Produce Marketing Committee here. Even after a month of joining, he found that there was not a single student there!

Opening the school in a colony of `hamalis’ (head-load workers) was part of an attempt of developing the colony and improving the condition of the workers there. But for the `hamalis’, sending their children to school was the last priority.

Anyone else in Mulgi’s place would have packed his bags and gone back to his previous school. But for Mulgi, who is known for his never-say-die attitude and killer instinct among his friends, it was just another chance to bring out the activist in him.

He started `Shikshana Chintana’, a weekly meeting on APMC premises, to create awareness among `hamalis’ about the importance of education. He invited educationists, social workers and others to motivate them to send their children to schools.

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