Innovate or perish

Your Education is Our World

India needs to find a way to advance its higher-education sector. A McKinsey study reports that only 25% of India-trained engineers and 15% of finance and accounting professionals have the skill sets to work for multinational companies. The report also highlighted the dismal quality of education in many private colleges, where the curriculum is not in sync with the industry’s need. ICRI aims to enhance the clinical research culture in the country to international standards of development, management and monitoring. For decades, foreign universities have been an integral part of India’s higher education.

Whizkids across the country with the financial means have left for highly regarded global universities to study. Many of these students never return, taking both their tuition money and their talent overseas. More than 160,000 students are currently studying in schools in the US, Australia, UK, and elsewhere. Over 100,000 pack up and head to study abroad every year, spending $7 billion on tuition and housing due to the unavailability of career oriented courses in India. In order to make India a world class hub for education we need to bring in new technologies, new courses and set up new departments. To achieve this, reduce red-tapism, deregulate and grant autonomy to universities and offer liberty to access global Institutions.

Paradigm Shift

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