Career Options in Floral Design

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A career as a floral designer is an off beat one. When people ask us what it is that we want to be when we grow up, we invariably state a career that is seemingly big and important and earns a lot of money.  Few if any would say they want to for example become a businessman. Yet so many of us wish we could work for ourselves, be our own boss, make or break our own future. Some people actually go ahead and take the leap and set up their own business. 

If you define a career in floral design by the little flower shop at the end of the road, think again. Flowers are big business and it is getting professionalized each day.

Be it a birthday party, a wedding, an anniversary or any happy occasion, flowers, of all hues, fragrances, textures and size are a part of them, and the person who gets these wonderful flowers into beautiful formations and design is the florist and his/her team.

So if you have a creative bent of mind, well explore a career as a florist.

A florist could find themselves anyway, from a business of their own, which could be wholesale or retail, to overseeing the floral arrangements in a five star hotel.

As a florist you might find yourself performing a wide variety of duties, including:

  • Selecting and buying flowers
  • Meeting with customers to discuss their needs and preferences and the particular occasion
  • Creating the flower arrangements ordered by customers
  • Creating flower displays for in-house samples
  • Delivering arrangements to customers
  • Setting up floral decorations for special occasions such as weddings
  • Processing orders
  • Packaging arrangements

Floral designers, work with not just cut live flowers but with dried, or silk flowers and other greenery as well, arranging them into displays of various sizes and shapes.

Florist design displays their work in various ways like bouquets, corsages, centerpieces, wreaths, and the like for weddings, funerals, holidays, and other special occasions.

They also use accessories such as balloons, candles, toys, candy, and gift baskets as part of their displays.

Floral designers must be creative, and able to communicate their ideas visually and verbally. Because trends in floral design change quickly, designers must be open to new ideas and react quickly to changing trends.

Problem-solving skills and the ability to work independently and under pressure also are important traits. Individuals in this field need self-discipline to budget their time and meet deadlines.

As mass marketers capture more of the small flower orders, independent floral shops are increasingly finding themselves under pressure to remain profitable. Many independent shops have added online ordering systems in order to compete with Internet florists. Others are trying to distinguish their services by specializing in certain areas of floral design or by combining floral design with event planning and interior design services.


Floral design is the only design occupation that does not require formal training; most floral designers learn their skills on the job. Employers generally look for people with creativity, a flair for arranging flowers, and a desire to learn.


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