‘Indian students being duped by unscrupulous education agents’

Your Education is Our World

Against the backdrop of attacks on Indian students in Australia, India has said the agents of the rapidly growing private educational providers in this country are duping gullible youths by promising permanent residency to them through courses like hair-dressing.

Both Indian Deputy High Commissioner V K Sharma and Consulate General in Melbourne Anita Nair said there has been a significant growth in private educational institutions in Australia in recent years. These institutes get students through their India-based agents, who do not provide correct information and the students discover after landing here that they have been cheated.

“Many of the students do not have money to support them. They work extra time at different places and get exposed to criminal elements at night while returning home,” Sharma said.

The flow of Indian students here has increased by 164 per cent in 2007 over 2006 while it rose by 94 per cent in 2008 over the previous year. At present, nearly 97,000 Indian students are pursuing higher education in Australia.

Nearly 50 per cent of these Indian students are studying at the private Vocational Educational Training (VET) colleges.

“Unfortunately, the entire thing is linked to migration. People pay 20,000 Australian dollars for courses like hair- dressing in private institutes. They do so on the advice of agents who tell them that they would get permanent residency in Australia as that particular course is regarded as a high -skilled subject,” Sharma said.

Source: Economic Times


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