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With the changing face of economy and education, there is a growing need for stronger industry-academia interface. Praveen Vishakantaiah, president, Intel India, talks to Proyashi Barua on how it can be achieved.

Is there a gap between classroom teaching and industry requirements?

There is a perceivable difference between the two. In India, industry requirements move at a fairly fast pace. However, the pace of change in academics is relatively slower. While the syllabi get updated over periods spanning over five to 10 years, the industry evolves in a matter of few months, so does its resource requirements. Hence, faculty development and teaching modernisation have to be accelerated so that a young population can make the most of the industry opportunities.

What is the existing gap?

Some of the areas in which the gap exists include lack of quality faculty, lack of high quality ICT and connectivity infrastructure. The curriculum needs to be overhauled. There is a need to introduce application-oriented learning with meaningful exercises so that academic learning becomes relevant when students join industry. The focus on research areas should be on a par or ahead of the global innovation pace. Moreover, higher education in India does not focus on soft skills (verbal or written communication, working on interpersonal skills and team collaboration), which should be a priority.

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