Do you have it in you?

Your Education is Our World

Being an entrepreneur is a full-time job. Some entrepreneurs make sure they use their academic background to enhance their business acumen and hence, choose educational qualifications that would help them do so. While one would come across entrepreneurs who first choose to complete their education and then start their own ventures, there are some who choose to continue their academic pursuits even after they have become full-time entrepreneurs.

Academic aspirations

Neha Hiranandani, director, Hiranandani Group of Companies has a strong professional family background in the field of medicine, finance and real estate but is also pursuing a law degree simultaneously. “I am pursuing law to fulfill my academic interest and have a strong urge to have a distinctive identity within the business and family,” informs Hiranandani. So, how did the idea of pursuing education and running a business at the same time happen? “In my 3rd year of college, I had an opportunity to work in a law firm, which eventually provoked me to study law too. Fortunately, the law programme is designed in such a way that classes are conducted in the mornings, leaving you with the rest of the day to work. So in that sense, I certainly did plan on working and studying simultaneously. However, shifting tracks and moving outside a pure legal framework of opportunity was a conscious decision I took when the opportunity presented itself,” shares Hiranandani.

Managing a business and pursuing education at the same time is certainly not an easy task. According to Hiranandani, “Time management is an essential skill for any entrepreneur.”

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