The Glamorous World of a Music Jockey

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More than a few eyes would twinkle if you mentioned music jockeying for a career, and why not, who does not like the attention, glamour and action, all to the swaying sound of music!

If you have the gift of the gab, love music, have tons of energy and a positive spirit, not forgetting of course the looks and personality traits, music jockeying could be just the career for you.

A music jockey is one, who keeps a social event happening, be it a birthday party, an anniversary, a wedding or a night out at a club. Over the radio and TV they keep people upbeat and happy. A music jockey understands his/her audience and carefully select music that will ensure the audience is having a good time.

India is a large country with a large number of languages. Each state has its own language, there is also the national language and also English, this provides a growing scope for music jockeys. There is also a renewed interest in music and new music channels are being launched ever so often.

Incase you didn’t know there are namely 3 types of music jockeys

  • Video Jockey (VJ), who work in music channel, and host shows.
  • Radio Jockey (RJ), who as the name suggests work at a radio station and can even go on to live music event and
  • Disc Jockey (DJ), those who host the music for parties, clubs, restaurants, Music stores etc.

Love for Music

Music jockeys have supposed to be experts on music and so must constantly stay updated on the latest trends in music, videos and information about music stars and other celebrities. If you are the type that loves music, this would surely be fun. Music jockeys are also required have a well-rounded knowledge of all types of music genres and also be informed about a bit of everything from films, politics, travel and whatever theme the show may demand. Some of music jockeys specialize in a particular genre of music, say rock or jazz, or reggae or pop etc.

Some of the essential personality traits to become a Jockey

  • Willingness to work all hours
  • Great command over the language they plan to jockey in
  • Possess a keen sense of humor
  • Vast knowledge of music
  • A great voice
  • Have a pleasant personality and a comfortable with the lights on them

While jocking may seem like a lot of fun, that’s the showmanship for the viewer. Behind the screen it is a highly competitive profession and music jockeys often work under intense pressure. Since the jobs are limited jockeys are employed on contract basis.

You can aspire to be a jockey if you have a

  • BA with Journalism
  • BS Communication
  • BA with Journalism
  • Master in Communication Studies
  • MA in Media Communication and Management
  • Diploma in Communication and Media Development
  • Diploma in Fundamental and Audiovisual Education
  • Course in TV Reporting, Presentation and Production

Where can you get yourself a course?

  • Bangalore University, Gnana Bharati, Bangalore 560 056
  • University of Calcutta, Senate House Calcutta 700 087
  • Stella Maris College, Cathedral Road, Chennai 600 086
  • MA Mass Communication and Journalism
  • University of Calcutta, Senate House Calcutta 700 087
  • Mangalore University, Mangalore 574 194
  • University of Madras, Chennai 600 005
  • Kodaikanal Christian College, Paradise Hill, Kodaikanal 624 104
  • University of Pune, Department of Communication Studies, Pune 411 007
  • Manipal institute of Communication, Manipal
  • MCRC, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi 110 025
  • Mudra Institute of Communication, Shela, Ahmedabad
  • SNDT Women’s University, Nathibai Thackersey Road, Mumbai 400 0220.
  • Asian Academy of Film and Television, Sector 16A Noida (UP)
  • Dr.Harisingh Gour Viswavidyalaya, Gour Nagar, Sagar 470 003 (MP)
  • Indian Television Training Institute, C 41 Gulmohar Park, New Delhi 110 049

To understand your career option as a Music Jockey better visit

Disc Jockey –

Radio Jockey –


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