Education Bill towards a silent social revolution

Your Education is Our World

Parliament finally passed the historic Right to Education bill. The bill (no- LXV of 2008), which was originally introduced in the Upper House on December 15 2008, was sent to the standing committee on Human Resource Development headed by Janardan Dwivedi. The committee submitted its reports and recommendations within three months and the Upper House passed this bill on July 20 2009 and it was subsequently sent to the Lok Sabha. This bill is fragmented into 37 sections which are categorised into seven chapters and one schedule.

The 86th Constitution Amendment Act, 2000 passed by parliament, which had amended Article 21A of the Constitution, had necessitated enactment of such a law because the said amendment had made it obligatory for the government to provide free and compulsory elementary education to all children. The bill is likely to get the President’s assent within a couple of weeks and is likely to become law. It is a historic legislation because the objectives and duties of the State which are enshrined in the directives of the State policy in the Constitution, will be fulfilled through this law.

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