Education is the victim

Your Education is Our World

Mr Hazlitt, a renowned if controversial economist, has pointed out that even great economists tend to commit two kinds of errors: one, argue in favour of immediate gain even if that be at the expense of future profit; and two, favour an in-group at the expense of wider benefit. As a political party, the Congress has evidently decided that it is worth its while to accept these two errors.  It is thinking of immediate political gain and for the same reason desires to favour a few sections of the Indian society.  It is doing so in the name of ‘social justice’. Indian education is a victim of that policy.

Indian school education has many flaws of which the following are the most prominent: As the Planning Commission has reported, nearly half the children cannot read a sentence nor do a simple division of a two digit number even after several years of education; many teachers in state-run schools play truant most of the time; very few schools have water supply or toilets.

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