How to talk about the birds and bees without offending

Your Education is Our World

Discussing sex and sexuality, HIV/AIDS and responsible sexual behaviour with adolescents is a topic that makes most teachers and parents squeamish and also has community elders fuming. How should one get over the prudishness and disapproval and also make the topic interesting and interactive for the students?

Though adolescence education is a part of the school curriculum, it faces a major hindrance in the form of objections from some community elders and parents who feel it will promote licentiousness among the children, said experts.

Incorporating the “cultural sensitivities” of people into adolescence education is necessary, but at the same time it is a topic that should be discussed by educators who are liked and trusted by the students so that they can feel free to share their doubts and queries on the subject, said experts at a seminar organised by three UN bodies — UNFPA, Unicef and Unesco — here Friday.

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