Enforce law mercilessly to check ragging: Raghavan

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Mentoring the juniors, addressing the deviant behaviour of seniors and mercilessly applying the law of land were among some of the suggestions made to check the growing menace of ragging in educational institutions.

Stamping out ragging required the involvement of government authorities, educational institutions and civil society. The matter could no longer be handled with kid gloves, said speakers at a round table on “Beyond Raghavan Committee Report: How to stop ragging.” The round table was organised by The Hindu at the Administrative Staff College of India here on Saturday.

R. K. Raghavan, former director, CBI, who headed the committee against ragging appointed by the Supreme Court, wanted tough action to be taken against those indulging in ragging. Any lenience or misplaced sympathy would only lead to its aggravation. At the same time, he felt a psychological approach combining ‘deterrence with rehabilitation’ was desirable in handling the menace.

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