An Agenda for National Renewal

Your Education is Our World

The best devised political structure will crumble if the men and women who use it are impelled by unworthy motivations of personal, family or party aggrandisement. The political and economic crisis that India is passing through has its roots in false values that have dominated our private and public life in recent decades.

The educated middle class, which provided the bulk of the leadership and cadres during the struggle for independence, has been allured by the self-regarding culture of consumerism, in imitation of the life-style in industrialised countries of the West. This has caused indifference to mass poverty and mass illiteracy, and bred corruption in the administration and malpractices in both the public and the private sectors of economic activity.

Formal education in schools and colleges supported by public funds is virtually devoid of ethical values. Self-indulgent hedonism and consumerism are actively promoted by the mass media of non-formal education, notably Door-darshan through its commercial advertising and many of its entertainment programmes.

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