It is not possible for the Govt to run 400 universities in India without going broke

Your Education is Our World

Of the 24-member Yash Pal Committee on reforming higher education in India, Kaushik Basu, Professor of Economics at Cornell University, was the sole voice of dissent. In an e-mail interview with Garima Pant, Basu shares his apprehensions. Excerpts:

What are your objections on the recommendations?

The recommendations are well-meaning but vacuous. They will result in some cosmetic changes but have very little actual impact on our higher education and research. The recommendations lack ambition and imagination; they are, in the final analysis, status quo-ist. It makes it very easy for the government to say that it has done what the recommendations ask without doing anything of substance. It is this what prompted me to write the ‘Note of Dissent’.

What reforms will help revamp the UGC?

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