Top Five Myths of Dyslexia

Your Education is Our World

Myth #1: “Individuals with dyslexia are of low intelligence, slow learners, or mentally retarded.”

This could be one of the most damaging misconceptions about dyslexia. Often, because of their struggles with reading, writing, and spelling, these individuals begin to feel like they are stupid. Unfortunately, many misinformed educators and parents reinforce this idea and create an assault on the person’s self esteem.

“There are many misconceptions about dyslexic children. They are believed to be slow learners, mentally retarded, slow in comprehension, emotionally disturbed and totally unfit for learning. This surmise is not only popular, but also wrong. Dyslexics have a problem only in reading, writing, spelling and sometimes arithmetic, but not in thinking. ‘My daughter was performing very badly in her exams. She would answer correctly when you ask her orally, but she was not able to put them on paper. It took us a long tome to find out that she was dyslexic,’ says the parent of 10-year-old Nisha.”

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