I’ve Never Been Good at Reading

Your Education is Our World

“I’ve never been good at reading.”
“I can’t help my kids at all with their reading homework.  Reading was always my worst subject.”

“Anything after middle school English, forget it – I’m terrible.”

Have you ever heard a parent utter these statements?  Of course not, because to make a statement such as, “I’m not that good at reading,” is socially unacceptable among the averagely educated, involved parents of school aged children in our society.  Which begs the question of, why then, is it socially acceptable to make such statements about math?  Parents will, almost proudly, say things to me like  “I was terrible at math so I’m not surprised that little David is having so much trouble with math.”  Further, not only is it acceptable to make such a statement, it is practically a badge of honor for some parents when making such a claim.

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